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PC: Tony Moux


Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm Alfredo, an American-Cuban actor who loves approaching character through physicality.

I'm currently working toward my MFA in Acting at Cleveland Play House/Case Western Reserve


If you're reading this, Ari Aster, I want to play the next serial killer in that A24 nightmare-comedy you've been dreaming of. If that doesn't work out, Joseph Kosinski, I'd settle for Top Gun: Maverick II.


I'll be moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2024 to start working in the TV/Film industry. 

Some favorite films of mine I'm dying to be in the remake of:

American Psycho (Christian Bale)

Whiplash (Miles Teller)

Training Day (Ethan Hawke)

Jarhead (Jake Gyllenhaal)

Lars and the Real Girl (Ryan Gosling)


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Alfredo is thrilled to be training at Cleveland Play House/Case Western Reserve's prestigious MFA Acting program.

Alfredo was recently nominated as "Best Actor" for his performance in the award winning short film 'Til Death at the international Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles. He was in the running with top performers from around the world, including Kevin Bacon.


Alfredo wrapped up his work as swing/understudy in Miami New Drama's historical, COVID-conscious, world premiere of 7 Deadly Sins in Miami Beach. The production was honored with the DRAMA LEAGUE AWARD for OUTSTANDING INTERACTIVE OR SOCIALLY-DISTANCED THEATER. Alfredo performed in the roles of Miran (LUST by Nilo Cruz), John C. Calhoun (PRIDE by Carmen Palaez), and Andre (ENVY by Hilary Bettis).


Cleveland Play House/CWRU - Passage
PC: Nathan Lilly

Watch the award winning short film now ↓↓↓

'Til Death (2020)

'Til Death (2020)

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Miami New Drama - 7 Deadly Sins
PC: Nicholas Richberg




Alfredo's been working in regional theatre for the past 10 years. The bulk of his work  has been in immersive and site specific world premieres. Alfredo has in depth training in Stanislavski, Meisner, and Chekhov techniques. Voice training is primarily Linklater.

Select Regional credits: Everybody (Cleveland Play House/CWRU), Passage (Cleveland Play House/CWRU), 7 Deadly Sins (Miami New Drama)Wynwood Stories (Juggerknot Theatre Company), The Words of Dead Men (Sandrell Rivers Theatre).


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